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If You’ve Been Charged With a Drug Crime, What Should You Expect to Happen?

In Texas, when facing either a felony or a misdemeanor for a drug possession or some other serious type of accusation involving drugs, certainly you can expect an arrest. Depending on the amount of drugs you are accused of possessing or the manner you allegedly possessed those drugs, then you are going to be charged and a bond set in your case.

The bond amount will vary based on the seriousness of the crimes. Persons charged with simple possession of marijuana will face a low bond. Whereas, a more serious type of accusation, different type of drug, will face a much higher bond.

Number one, did the officers have the legal right to actually search you, if there was a search and seizure issue? Did the officers violate any of your constitutional rights, found in your Fourth and Fifth amendment rights against search and seizure or self incrimination?

Dealing with the local prosecuting authority is essential in the early stages. Your case thoroughly will be reviewed, but also it establishes a rapport with the prosecutors that are going to be making the important decisions on how your case is handled.

Finally, there is the appearance before the court. It is a process of judges, motions, and various timetables that is put upon persons facing these accusations.

Dealing with all of these processes takes a seasoned lawyer. It takes a lawyer with some experience. It takes a lawyer that certainly knows the local landscape. That’s something we do and excel in at Keathley and Keathley.