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Guiding Clients Through The Probate Process in Texas

When a loved one passes away, few things are more important than ensuring their legacy is carried out exactly how they intended. Many people plan for their deaths and the protection of their beloved people and assets by solidifying their wishes in writing. As such, wills and trusts are the legal documents that help protect people’s assets and instruct who gets what and when.

For context, let’s review the general steps in the probate process:

  1. File for probate.
  2. The county clerk will make a notice that a probate application was filed in case anyone wants to contest the will.
  3. If no one contests the will, a judge will legally recognize your loved one’s death and either validate or invalidate it.
  4. Within 90 days after appointment, the executor or administrator of the estate must prepare an Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims which catalogs all assets to the best of their knowledge. Exceptions apply, as this step in the process may vary on a case-by-case basis.
  5. A judge will notify the beneficiaries of your loved one’s estate if their will is valid
  6. Your loved one likely left behind unpaid debts such as medical bills and loans, therefore such debts must be paid by their estate. As such, the will’s executor will notify creditors in case they want to file claims against your loved one’s estate.
  7. Any contests to your loved one’s will must be resolved before the probate process ends. People have two years after probate is initiated to contest a will, therefore the executor may have to undergo the dispute process with the help of an attorney. If you are named the executor to your loved one’s will, it is in your best interests to retain the guidance of our Corsicana probate attorneys to best complete the process.
  8. After debts and contests are resolved, the assets will be distributed to the beneficiaries. As such, beneficiaries may have to wait 6 months or more to receive their inheritance.

Allow our Corsicana probate attorneys to do the heavy lifting and handle the probate process on your behalf. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at (903) 417-0889 to arrange a consultation!

What is Probate?

Probate is the process in which a court validates a will and oversees the distribution of the deceased person’s assets. The role of the court is to regulate the probate process to ensure all beneficiaries and creditors are accounted for and no stone is left unturned.

Typically, the Texas probate process can last 6 months to a year depending on whether the will is contested or difficult to find, among other reasons. Our Corsicana probate lawyers can help make the process as smooth as possible so you can best avoid dealing with the probate court longer than you need to.

It’s important to file for probate within four years of your loved one’s death or else the court may treat your case as if a will were never written. This process is called intestacy, which means a deceased person did not leave behind a will. As a result, their assets will be distributed to the closest descending relatives (children, spouse, parents, siblings, etc.). In other words, Texas intestacy laws will determine the administration of your loved one’s property if you fail to file for probate within four years.

Why Choose Our Corsicana Probate Attorneys?

When a loved one passes away and leaves behind a will, it is important to hire an experienced probate lawyer in Texas.

Probate attorneys are knowledgeable about the specific laws in your state and can help you navigate the complicated legal process of settling an estate. They can provide invaluable assistance with filing documents, notifying heirs, coordinating with creditors, and ensuring that all assets pass to the intended beneficiaries according to the decedent's wishes. With their expertise, they can handle complex issues such as tax obligations or disputes over asset distribution quickly and efficiently.

Ultimately, hiring a probate attorney helps to ensure that your loved one's estate is settled properly and according to their wishes. It could make all the difference when settling your loved one’s estate and provide peace of mind during a difficult time.

Contact Our Probate Attorneys in Corsicana Today

Probate can be far from straightforward. You need to know the legal terms and processes involved within each step of probate or else you may risk derailing your loved one’s final wishes. Since probate is emotional enough already, you don’t want to make it worse for yourself by going at it alone.

This is why we strongly encourage you to contact our Corsicana probate attorneys to provide the legal counsel and one-on-one guidance you need to effectively complete the process. We will ensure your loved one’s will is honored and executed as it was intended. To us, your family comes first, therefore you can count on us to give your situation the attention and priority it deserves.

Keathley & Keathley Law Firm has the best interests of you and your loved one at the forefront of everything we do. Experience the difference our experienced will and probate attorney near you in Corsicana can make in your life by contacting us at (903) 417-0889 today!

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