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Divorce - How Long Will This Take?

When you are getting a divorce, how long will the process take?

People often wonder how long the divorce process will take. For a divorce with property, assuming that there’s not an agreement already in place, generally six months is a good idea of how long it could take.

Collaborative Divorce

With the collaborative model of divorce, we can tailor the process, depending on the situation. I’ve found that time can be expedited if need be or it can take longer. In Navarro County, a property divorce is going to take about six months but if we’re dealing with child custody and property, it will take six months to a year. And there are plenty of horror stories where it takes even longer than that.

Minimum Length of time

The minimum length of time for the whole process is 60 days. The state of Texas establishes this minimum length of time. There are times when the parties will talk amongst themselves. We all agree on everything, and it is drawn it up. That is achievable. We have the capability to do that.

Our courts are very amenable to process something on the 61st day or shortly thereafter. In my initial consultation, I try to manage expectations. More likely than not, it’s going to exceed two months.

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