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Why Do You Believe in Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is the best way for a couple to wind down their marriage.

Period. It is a process that the parties control. The lawyers who are involved, believe in the parties directing the case to find a resolution that works for their family’s unique situation.  When needed, a mental health professional and a financial professional are engaged, and the team works together to resolve the dispute. Time constraints are, for the most part, controlled by the parties. Otherwise, full disclosure is given to the parties on why things take the length of time they do.

The parties are actively engaged throughout the process. There are no hidden decisions or surprise outcomes. The parties identify their case-specific issues. They monitor the process in resolving each issue, and the parties make the decisions.  In traditional litigation, even when we “win” the case, there is still a huge financial and emotional toll.

In the collaborative process, it’s not necessarily any cheaper or perhaps emotionally easier. However, since the parties are engaged throughout the entire process, we are all going through it together. At any point, if someone needs support or assistance, then the team is there to provide the help needed. We can also reach out and get resources during the process that enable the participants to achieve the result of the dissolution of the marriage, the division of the estate, the parenting plan identified for the children that is in the children’s best interest.

It is a much more civilized way to resolve a marriage.

In collaborative divorce cases, the clients have a level of closure and satisfaction with the process that I don’t see in my traditional litigation cases. In my litigation cases, there’s usually a ramp up around discovery, hearings, depositions, mediation, and then final trials. Every time that emotional toll compromises my clients. They become weary, tired, angry, and frustrated generally with the litigation process. The length of time, the amount of money it costs, the public exposure in court, and the filings are all very taxing.

Using the collaborative process means that nothing changes in the final outcome. You still start the divorce and you end the divorce. You start the lawsuit and you end the lawsuit. However, everything that happens in between is more transparent and private. The parties are informed about and participating in every aspect of the case. There seems to be a better sense of understanding the outcome, how the outcome was achieved, and the fact that the clients created their outcome. Our Corsicana divorce attorney can help you with this process.

Collaborative Divorce…The Best Way to Divorce. Contact an experienced Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Navarro County.  Contact Sarah Keathley at Keathley and Keathley at (903) 417-0889.