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What Is the First Question That Someone Asks When They Call?

First question is, “What do I do in this circumstance?” Typically they are calling for a loved one and it is unusual or unfamiliar situation. Usually, the person has just been arrested. There is a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, a father faced with this storm of uncertainty in how to deal with what could be a life changing event for their son, daughter, or whomever else.

They want to know, number one, that they are going to be taken care of and not be put in any immediate danger.

Number two, they’re concerned about if they are going to have to remain in jail for a long period of time and how to quickly get them released from jail.

Number three, they start typically asking, “How is this going to bear upon for long term ramification? Is my loved one, or am I, going to be incarcerated? Will I lose my liberty? Will I be away from my family? Am I going to be able to watch my children grow up? Am I going to be away from the person I love? How’s this going to affect my job? What’s going to be the effect on my ability to get a job or to maintain licenses? How will I be viewed at in the community, as being accused of being a criminal?”

All these things are things that crash in, and can cloud a person’s mind, and create a storm of uncertainty. It takes a lawyer with discipline and certainly the experience, to be able to answer those questions. To put the family on a path of understanding. The family can make some very important decisions, collaboratively with their lawyer, on how to move forward.