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What Does Having a Criminal Lawyer Do For You?

A good criminal lawyer, is a lawyer who understands the nuances of the investigation well before it ever gets to actually presented to a grand jury.  They understand all of the nuances of a criminal investigation.

A good criminal lawyer understands what officers are looking for.

Why certain questions are being asked? How far have the officers progressed in the actual investigation? If you have an attorney that has a good relationship with the various officers, investigator or the agencies he or she can determine some of the information being sought before the actual questioning takes place.

Those insights are valuable. There is a level of experience and wisdom in someone that’s been down this road before. They will be able to sit down with you in a meeting with the investigator and say, “Okay, officer. What are your questions? This is how we’re gonna respond.” People often feel at the mercy of how the officers are going to lead the questioning and the investigation. 

“Hey, you may not be under arrest. We can get up and leave this interview at any time.”

Sometimes they just need a good, strong fighter in their corner, reminding them that, “Hey, you may not be under arrest. We can get up and leave this interview at any time. I’m going to be the buffer that’s going say whether you answer that question or not. By the way, we want to know what type of questions are gonna be fielded to us. And oh by the way, we want to know before we choose to answer any questions what’s the nature of these allegations? What, if anything, do you have, and let us know.”

It may come to a point that we feel there’s no profit from furthering the interview.  At that point, we have the ability to say, “This interview is over. All due respect officer, but we are getting up and leaving the interview right now”. The dynamic of a sit-down interview may be lost on someone that’s facing this type of circumstance is completely new. Especially when it’s dealing with themselves or a loved one. They are thinking about a lot of things that are running through their mind that may disable their ability to objectively understand what exactly is going on at that time.

And so, having a practical objective, professional attorney, a criminal lawyer that can see these nuances is very, very important.

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