Corsicana DWI Defense Attorneys

Texas regularly ranks among the top states in the nation in terms of the number of car accidents and deaths caused by drunk driving. It's a distinction that no one is proud of. As a result, law enforcement authorities are aggressive in stopping suspected drunk drivers, and Texas courts hand down some of the most serious consequences for those who are convicted of driving while impaired (DWI).

If you are arrested for DWI, also referred to as driving under the influence (DUI), you face stiff fines, license suspension, jail time, additional license fees and possibly the installation of an ignition lock on your vehicle. It is imperative to contact an experienced Corsicana DWI defense lawyer to minimize the impact that a DWI charge has on your life.

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you most likely also will be served a notice of suspension of your driver's license. This is handled as a separate matter from your criminal case. You must file for an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing within 15 days of your arrest or you will lose your driving privileges immediately. We assist our clients with both the criminal charge and the ALR hearing.

Minimizing The Impact Of Drunk Driving Charges

At the law firm of Keathley & Keathley in Corsicana, Texas, we review every aspect of a DWI arrest — from the reason a motorist is stopped by police to the manner in which a field sobriety test was administered — to determine if any constitutional rights were violated that could lead to a case being dismissed.

We also review the manner in which authorities determined a driver's blood alcohol content (BAC). Breathalyzer machines and blood or urine samples have been known to return false readings, sometimes due to human error and sometimes as a result of a malfunctioning machine.

The penalties for a DWI conviction depend largely on the circumstances of your arrest, including the BAC level, and whether you have previous DWI convictions. In many cases, we are able to negotiate reduced charges and keep our clients out of jail.

Our main objective with DWI cases — as it is for any criminal defense matter we handle — is to minimize the impact the charge has on your career and your personal life.

Attorney Steve A. Keathley worked as a state prosecutor and served for five years as Navarro County District Attorney. He has a thorough understanding of the state's approach to prosecuting DWI cases, which allows him to negotiate effectively on behalf of his clients.

If you have questions regarding your DWI arrest, we can answer them during your initial consultation. It is important to reach us as soon as possible after your arrest in order to adhere to the tight deadlines of the ALR hearing and other matters. Contact us to schedule an appointment.